Fresh Pasta Cooking Instructions

Achieving the Best Pasta Results

  1. Add pasta to 1 gallon of rapidly boiling water per pound of pasta

    • Do NOT add salt or oil to cooking water
    • It’s important to have the water boiling hard
    • It’s important to allow a generous proportion of water to pasta; roughly 6 parts water to 1 part pasta
    • Cloudy cooking water indicates that minerals in your household water precipitated starch from the pasta. Pasta quality will not be affected.
    • There’s no need to thaw Frozen pasta prior to boiling
  2. Stir immediately to separate pasta

    • Cover the pan briefly allowing the water to return to a boil
    • Remove the lid as boiling commences; then finalize cooking uncovered
  3. Fresh pasta cooks FAST

    • 30 seconds for couscous
    • 1 minute for any pasta that will be cooked further in the recipe (such as lasagna)
    • 2 minutes for Meg’ohs – 3 minutes or less for all others
    • Timing will vary depending on the type of pasta, the heat source and “the skill of the cook.”
    • Pasta will begin to float slightly indicating it’s time to remove from heat and drain cooking water
    • Rinsing is optional for hot dishes
    • Sauce adheres to un-rinsed pasta more readily

    • If you prefer to rinse, use a hot water rinse for hot pasta dishes

Fresh Pasta Shelf Life

Portion Guidelines

Serving Suggestions