Making an Organic Pasta Company

Fresh Pasta, Vivid Flavor, Real Ingredients

Although I’m educated in human health and nutrition, my original intent wasn’t to go into “pasta manufacturing”.  I acquired a commercial pasta machine with the intent of altering it to mass-produce dog treats for my canine friends! Excitement ensued from casual conversations about my proposed venture.  As it turns out, the excitement wasn’t about dog treats. Folks were ecstatic about the possibility of fresh pasta!

The idea of producing pasta opened the door to dealing with some issues I had with pasta, and the issues seemed larger than my window view of Columbia Mountain here in northwest Montana.

  • First – I didn’t consider pasta to be healthy….and I felt that food innately HAD to be Healthy.
  • Second – Fresh pasta is traditionally made from wheat. Yikes! I’d chosen the Gluten-free route 12 years previously before even the media knew about gluten-free.
  • Third – Fresh pasta traditionally has as it’s one-and-only second ingredient (next to wheat) raw EGGS. My issue with eggs? Limited shelf life and food safety concerns.

Three years of research and development later, untold batches of fumbled up pasta – resulting in terrific organic feed for my chickens – and with Universal direction; I’ve overcome each of my issues.