Wholesome Nutritional Pasta

Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, Organic Fresh Pasta

A plethora of beneficial whole grain, organic, plant-based complex carbohydrates and fibers are incorporated into our pasta to maximize health benefits. Beta-carotene, omega 3’s, balanced protein, amino acids and fiber headline our nutritional profile. This wholesome pasta fills the nutritional void of traditional pasta while providing the comforting tooth-silky texture of previous counterparts. Subsequently, you will achieve a feeling of fullness with smaller portions as complex carbs combined with dietary fiber slows digestion, gradually releasing glucose into your blood stream.

Healthy Pasta:  Winter squash and pumpkin are the FIRST ingredients by both weight and volume in my pasta. Hello Beta Carotene, Fiber and Friends!

Gluten-free Pasta: “Alternative” flours are combined to mimic the texture of wheat, while resulting in flavor and nutrition superior to their wheat predecessor. Rice and bean flours are carefully combined to ensure balanced protein pasta that is readily digested and assimilated.

Egg-free Pasta: Flax and Chia along with natural vegetable starches and gums substitute for the elastic texture traditionally provided by eggs.

Three years of Research and Development by a certified nutritionist and dedicated food lover have culminated in a delicious variety of fresh, healthy, gluten-free and egg-free pastas – Earth Angel Ogranics pasta.  “Our pasta profile is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, and the result is a healthy pasta for you to enjoy!” – Meg Lindberg