Pasta to Nourish Your Body and Soul

Welcome to Earth Angel Organics.  We intend to reintroduce the world to food full of God-intended life force. Our pasta fulfills multiple nutritional physical human needs to feed your psyche.  While a talking point for our pasta is its organic, gluten-free, egg-free and vegan nature, those characteristics are far from the whole story.  Our pasta is full of the most important element of all – positive energy. Welcome to the wonderful world of energetic food!

My name is Meg Lindberg. I didn’t start out to make pasta or to reveal my suppressed spirituality. I bought a commercial pasta machine in hopes of reconfiguring it’s intended use to mass produce organic nutritional dog treats. However, operating the machine required orientation training for me to learn to use the machine – naturally, I started with pasta . Conversations about my endeavor generated a lot of interest, but the excitement was NOT about dog treats but rather about the prospect of having access to fresh pasta. I reconsidered my path. What if I were to make pasta?

The fact is I’d given up eating pasta a good 10 years earlier. I’d “converted” to gluten-free foods way before it became “popular” or somewhat “common”. Initially, I’d tried multiple dried, gluten-free pastas with sheer disappointment. Blah, crumbly, mushy – a total waste of money and a guaranteed way to ruin dinner, in my opinion.  I appealed to the universe for a pasta recipe that would be a whole food; nutritional in and of itself; a balanced protein; high in omega 3’s, beta carotene and fiber; easy to digest; easy to prepare without having to “babysit” it to obtain optimal texture; able to have a reasonably long shelf life; adaptable to packaging that wouldn’t add considerable cost to the final product; a pasta that would be desirable to people; and a pasta dough recipe that wouldn’t shorten the life of my pasta machine.  Immediately, using a recipe given only by intuition, this pasta was “born”. I want you to know that many, many experimental marginal and disastrous previous recipes ended up as expensive organic chicken feed for my flock of chickens. And so I’ve now been directed to share this pasta with the world.

Vibrational pasta. Dimensional… both physically and energetically. Know that this has been blessed on every level to assist you on your own path of health and vitality. Enjoy!

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About eao_admin

I love what I do. It is gratifying to realize that I’ve incorporated so much goodness and vibrational energy into shapes eluding to be spaghetti, rigatoni, shells and lasagna! I love the flexibility pasta offers on the menu, and Earth Angel Organics pastas mean every delicious bite is nourishing too.


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