Our Special Ingredients: Positive Energy, Nurturing and Love

I resound the belief that we need to revamp our current dietary profile commonly consisting of empty calories void of both nutrition and vibrational essence. I embrace organic and sustainable agriculture as well as the demand for non-GMO. While these are all steps in the right direction, we need to further elevate our food by returning it back to the inherent wholesomeness it was given by it’s Creator. Food designed to readily assimilate by our bodies. Creating harmony. Enlightened. Blessed. True to nutritive – wholesome – form.

I believe commercial food is contaminated at many levels rather than limited to chemical and biological controls relegated solely to growers and seed providers. We’ve failed to focus on the other energies our food is exposed to as it in transit, manufactured into kitchen-ready staples and served up to us either at home or by food purveyors. I’m concerned about all the anger and hate prevalent in our daily lives being transferred into our food by factory workers who hate their jobs or truck drivers and waitresses who’ve had bad days. How much of this negative thought behavior is essentially canceling out the inherent goodness in our food. Goodness that we were willing to pay extra for because of it’s appearance of high quality and organic labeling.

I wish to be a catalyst for change.  To quote my friend Tommy, “Sometimes it’s not enough to see the Light. It’s not even enough to be in the Light. Sometimes you have to Be the Light.”   Let’s take our food back to Source.  Ensuring inherent goodness and wholeness from the seed to our mouths. Hoping others will follow in filling our desire for food as God intended it to be. Blessed.

About eao_admin

I love what I do. It is gratifying to realize that I’ve incorporated so much goodness and vibrational energy into shapes eluding to be spaghetti, rigatoni, shells and lasagna! I love the flexibility pasta offers on the menu, and Earth Angel Organics pastas mean every delicious bite is nourishing too.


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